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- Chinese Character Flashcards (Traditional Version)

Flashcards are a tried and true method for efficiently memorizing Chinese characters. You can pick a pre-defined character flashcard set from the list below or import your own character list to study.

1. Use Pre-defined Flashcard Sets
The pre-defined flashcard sets allow you to study the most frequently used 2,000 characters. The flashcard sets are organized in the order of complexity. Level 1 to Level 3 is for beginners and each set has 50-100 characters. If you are an advanced-level user, you can use Level 9 to Level 12.

Level 1 Level 7
Level 2 Level 8
Level 3 Level 9
Level 4 Level 10
Level 5 Level 11
Level 6 Level 12

There are six buttons on the toolbar of the flashcard sub-system. From left to right, they are:

  1. Show previous character in the set
  2. Show next character in the set
  3. Play the pronunciation of the character
  4. Display English definition, stroke counts and example phrases
  5. Mark the character as known and remove it from the flashcard set. It will not show up again next time
  6. Add the character back to the flashcard set
  7. Add all the removed flashcards back to the set
  8. Save the flashcard set to a file for further study later. Removed flashcards will not be included in the saved file
You can also move your mouse over the buttons to view the tooltips.

2. Use Your Own Character Sets
To use the flashcard system with your own character set or the flashcards exported from this system, copy and paste it from your files to the following box, and then hit the Import button. Once the characters are imported, the first character in the list will show up.

To export the character list you are working on, click the disk icon on the toolbar. Note the characters you have marked as known will not be included in the exported file.

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